First Phoenix, now Chimera

In a post on his blog, Chimera devloper Mike Pinkerton writes that Chimera 0.7 has been delayed because "we can no longer legally use the name Chimera".

And no, it wasn't Tom Cruise and the makers of that Mission Impossible 2 crap who raised the issue. The minutes summary from the a recent staff meeting suggest that, makers of a web browser for UNIX-based machines running the X window system, had issues with the name.

Mike asks that people not send in any suggestions, mentioning the headaches involved with "finding a name that doesn't suck and clears legal."

The two top contenders now are Camino and iVoyage.

» posted by pinder on February 19, 2003 at 04:35 PM


Camino? How about Tatooine? iVoyage? How about iDeepSpace9?

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