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This Google search led to this post from Nick Bradbury, which led to this extension for Firefox: Feed Your Reader. With proper link credit given, let's carry on to why this find might be important to you (after a short background explanation).

Firefox's Live Bookmarks feature serves as an elegant introduction to feed aggregation for the novice user. And its simplicity largely reduces the learning curve for syndicated content.

This said, I'm not an average user when it comes to Atom, RSS, etc. I've got 270 subscriptions at the present moment in NetNewsWire, my client of choice.

Feed Your Reader allows you to use the RSS Autodiscovery in Firefox to launch external aggregators...

By taking control of the Live Bookmarks button, the Feed Your Reader extension has provided an elegant advanced solution to news aggregation outside of Firefox.

» posted by jonathan on July 02, 2005 at 11:15 PM


Do you know LiveLines ? http://heygom.com/extensions/?cat=2

# posted by Mozinet

Mozinet, I don't use online aggregators or RSS reader extensions, so this plugin wouldn't help me out...

# posted by Jonathan Horak

It doesn't deal only with these :

- You can add RSS feeds to external readers using feed:// protocol.

- Add the URL to the clipboard.

For me the + is that this extension is localised in French.

Personally, I use BottomFeeder.

# posted by Mozinet

I'm the author of Feed Your Reader. If someone wants to contribute a French Translation of FYR, I'm more than willing to accept it.

Adding to the clip board is a good idea.

# posted by Michael Koziarski

Michael, thanks for stopping by Blogzilla. Great extension, keep up the good work!

# posted by Jonathan Horak

Hi Michael,

You can contact extensions.geckozone.org which centralizes the French extensions. They contribute to many projects.

# posted by Mozinet

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# posted by Dan M.

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