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The main menu and the context (right-click) menus have been significantly reorganized in today's nightly build. "Tools" in the main menu has finally got a much needed rehaul. Also the new right-click menus are much clearer, and since they are probably used more often than the main menu, much more usable. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the old and new menus when you right-click on a link:


old mozilla right-click menu


new mozilla right-click menu

Cleaner and simpler. The options actually make sense now. I never understood why "Back" and "forward" were available when right-clicking on a link, or even why greyed-out options were available for that matter.

» posted by pinder on April 03, 2002 at 11:07 AM


Hmm, is there a way of getting the context menu to keep the "View Page Source" and "View Page Info" posts no matter what element you might click on? Removing them just because it's a link doesn't make any sense to me - I hate that on images or flash stuff in IE. I want to have them available everywhere.

# posted by Liorean

Actually, the navigation options make sense there. There is a preponderance of Javascript-heavy web pages out there that are popped up without the browser toolbar. Putting navigation options in the context menu helps the user retain some control.

# posted by jacob

I agree, the back and forward options make sense for toolbar-less popup windows. They're still available in the context menu when you rightclick on a page, but now, they're not there when you rightclick on a link or an image.

# posted by pinder

Ah, my mistake. I was not paying attention.

# posted by jacob

Ew. The new context menus put "Open Link in New Tab" on top. That's an awful design decision to those of us who not only don't want tabs, but especially don't want tabs to show up in places where they formerly didn't. While I appreciate the cleanup on what was formerly getting to be a rather long and clumsy menu, this is an extremely poor direction to be going. Tabs are annoying, and I'd like them to stay well hidden from me.

# posted by majick

> Tabs are annoying
That's a matter of personal taste. I think they're among the best features in Mozilla, and have stopped using multiple browser windows altogether.

# posted by mikko

> Tabs are annoying
I also agree that tabs are among the best features in Mozilla, and welcome the slight alteration here.

# posted by dave

I HATE that they got rid of the back/forward nav options on the right click menu. I'll go back to the last nightly build before they removed them if I have to. I've gotten used to navigating around using the right click menu for years because it's so much faster. When my hand's on the mouse, it's much easier to right click and move the pointer down a bit than to travel all the way to the upper left to click the "back" button. HOW CAN I PUT IT BACK!!!! (heh, I feel like a junkie who needs his fix ;)

# posted by Tucker

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