BuyMusic... or not

The new music download service that launched today for the PC market doesn't work in Mozilla. In this AP article, BuyMusic founder Scott Blum calls Apple CEO Steve Jobs "a visionary, but he's on the wrong platform." Hey Scott, you're on the wrong browser.

» posted by pinder on July 22, 2003 at 10:07 AM


Tech Evangelism Bug report now filed on BugZilla at:

# posted by DJGM

They don't support the most popular MP3 player (iPod) either.

# posted by Troy Hakala

That's it... what a great visionary, deploying a website which only works on one browser in one platform, when he could have it working on every browser on every platform! shame on him!

eMusic seems a lot ot times better. Download and burn without restrictions is what I'm looking for.

# posted by charlie

Just wait for iTunes for Windows.

# posted by JasonQG

The only IE-specific thing I can see is the embedded WMP. Otherwise there isn't anything that locks out Mozilla except for their policy decision.

# posted by eric

I emailed their customer support address about this and got a reply within 5 minutes, stating that the reason for the IE restriction is that their downloading / authentication / DRM technology uses ActiveX components. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a lot more of this in the future, with media companies getting in to bed with Microsoft because they have the most widely spread DRM supporting technology.

# posted by Simon Willison

Mozilla and Netscape 7.1 has the ability to load the Microsoft Windows Media Player as an ActiveX control

# posted by pinder

What a horrible experience with, their service is horrible. And it's because of that DRM technology that Microsoft uses. How about, you make a service without DRM or limited DRM, and you make it easier than P2P and then you've got a money maker. STOP TRYING TO BABY THE USERS BECAUSE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT FORCES THEM TO ONLY COPY THE MUSIC SO MANY TIMES IS ACTUALLY STOPPING THEM FROM ACTUALLY LISTENING TO THE MUSIC THAT THEY HAVE PURCHASED AND OWNED!! **** YOU MICROSOFT!!

I'm switching to Apple, take note Bill.

# posted by jb

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