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Linky is an add-on for Phoenix and Mozilla that adds an item in the context menu that lets you open all text or all image links on a page in new tabs or windows.

Ben Goodger's Tab Downloader is an add-on for Phoenix and Mozilla that allows you to automatically save the content of all tabs that follow the current tab to a local directory.

So say you were visiting a site that had lots of "images" that you wished to bulk download to view later, you could use Linky and Tab Downloader together to do it easily with only a few clicks.

» posted by pinder on January 08, 2003 at 12:21 PM


I believe that if you're looking to download "images" for viewing later, Leech http://leech.mozdev.org/ is the add-on for you.

# posted by komlenic

I wish there was a way to have Phoenix open links in new tabs by default. Multizilla is supposed to be making a version for Phoenix soon, which will rock.

# posted by Dave

I just use a bookmarklet for this kind of stuff. But I guess this one will make the pornzilla guys happy :-D

# posted by Tyr

muchos gif, bmp

# posted by gonzalo

muchos gif, bmp

# posted by gonzalo

I think iMeMiner is a good way to download lots of picture and image galleries.

# posted by varbbrg

of course, adding a function like save-all-selected-image-links to linky would make it even more comfortable ^_^

# posted by DirtyFinger

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