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LeechGet is a new download manager that is currently in beta. It's free and pretty.

It supports file splitting and pinging of other servers for faster downloads. It doesn't support dynamic file splitting, once a thread has completed it doesn't split another thread to continue downloading. It also doesn't support fetching the original file date.

Flashget has both of these features along with a better comments area. LeechGet has a small textbox on one of the download wizard dialog pages that allows you to specify a comment, but that comment isn't editable later on. Problem is, Flashget isn't free.

You can get LeechGet here:
and the addon for Mozilla here:

» posted by lawrence on October 23, 2002 at 11:36 AM


You seem to have not around your first mention of LeechGet, which makes it styled like a link but not behave like one.

# posted by Matthew Wilson

thanks, not quite used to making posting yet...

# posted by lawrence

The only problem with LeechGet is that it loves to devour your memory.

# posted by Shark Daddy

I read that here about one of the earlier version. I'm using the current version (1.0 RC3) and it takes up about 8.5M of memory. That's not too bad.

I just wish it could save the file using the server's file date.

# posted by lawrence

since I'm a Linux nut, I use prozilla at the command line

# posted by Chris Neale

linked prozilla

# posted by lawrence

I use "Getright" with the mozilla plugin. Works fine in Phoenix for me....

# posted by Ralph

Star Downloader is also worth a try ( has a moz plugin and works ok

# posted by Shadow_talk

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