Sunday, April 24, 2005


Last time I saw The Killers was April 2004 when the opened for stellastarr*. At the time they were the talk of the blogs since had posted 4 of their songs.

It was a couple months before their album was released and the place was maybe half full. And they were kinda half boring. The songs I liked and knew were good, the rest were kinda eh. I figured it was because they were an opening act on a Sunday night show to a half audience.

Cut to a year later, they're playing 2 sold out shows at the Vogue, and the place is packed with screaming teenage girls. And me.

Yeah, so after decrying all-ages shows a few days ago, I went to an all ages show. But it was on a Friday night and the openers were Tegan & Sara and I was on the guestlist. There are exemptions for every rule.

Tegan & Sara were magnificent as always, sticking to songs from the new album and the hits from the last one. The audience was genuinely appreciative which was nice. It's a slick pairing since Killers give T&S access to their pop crowd and the twins give them indie cred, even though both are on major labels.

Killers put on a solid show as well. They've become much tighter as a band since last time I saw them. I still only like about half of that Hot Fuss album, and all those songs sounded good live. They even played 2 new songs, one of which was "Coming Out" which incidentally is the first Killers song I ever heard, but didn't make the cut on the album. It's always a good sign when a band plays new songs since it shows they're working hard and not just sitting back (I'm looking at you Damien Rice!). I'm not the kind of person who spends more time hating music than enjoying it, or the kind of insecure person who hates a band once they get really big. The songs I liked then, I still like. So it's nice to see the success The Killers have had with the album and this sold-out tour.

After the show I went backstage for a bit. I saw The Killers drummer and the singer walking around, but I didn't talk or blogfuck them. There was also an after-show party at a nightclub that I didn't go to either. I'm so cool.

The Killers
w/ Tegan & Sara
Vogue Theatre, Vancouver BC
Fri, Apr 22, 2005


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