Monday, July 22, 2002

do you think this harrisdirect ad would be as effective if her breasts were small? make no mistake, they know exactly what they're doing here.

big tits = big hits.

but wait, there's more! apparently at one time she even had had nipples. but they've been since removed, and probably only because people complained (boy is my finger not on the pulse of society).

i wonder what the large breasts to small breasts clickthru ratio would be. or the nipples to non-nipples hits/conversions comparison. of course that could be broken down further, comparing ad impressions of ads with small-breasts w/ nipples to large-breasts also w/ nipples or small-breasts w/ nipples to large-breasts without nipples. oh, there are just too many nipple/breast permutations to do this by hand. lemme go open up excel.

this is the kind of marketing i can get into.


Update and Recap: Sep 9, 2004

A lot has gone on in this thread since I first wrote about it back over 2 years ago! Here is a recap from some of comments posted in this thread:

Here is a flash version of the Elsie Lee Harrisdirect ad.

The full photo is a stock photo by photographer Evan Sklar for the firm Bernstein & Andriulli:


Here is another ad featuring Elsie that has been appearing on some sites. Not as nice as the original:


Who is Elsie?
So who is Elsie? We don't know. We still haven't uncovered her real name. But we do know she's a model/actor of course, not an investor. We do have some tidbits submitted in the comments though! This comment posted by Anonymous claims he knows her and that she's aware of the frenzy over her ad. He also provides the following details:

1) She's not asian. She's mixed - half black, half white.

2) She's a model, not an investor.

3) She's also an actor. There was at least one toothpaste ad that got heavy rotation.

4) She's the body model for the character Alyx in the new game Half Life 2.

I don't think anyone has tracked down that toothpaste ad yet, if you have, let me know!

Reader TEX also posted a comment with some more details:

Height 5' 7"
Chest 34" (B cup)
Waist 25"
Hips 34"
Dress Size 2
Shoe size 8

hmmm, she looks like she's bigger than a B cup to me:

TEX also sent me the following photos of "Elsie":




Now that looks like our Elsie!

As for the Alyx Vance character from Half-Life 2, here are some screenshots:

Screen 1
Screen 2

According to IMDB page for Half-Life 2, the voice of the Alyx character is provided by Merle Dandridge. However, when you look at the pictures of Merle, she doesn't look like our Elsie. So as Charlie notes in his comment, Merle is the VOICE of Alyx. Elsie is then most likely the BODY of Alyx.

If you have any more photos or information about "Elsie", let us know!


Actually, her breasts aren't that big; they're just prominent in the picture. And there's the rub.

Month old topic post
My comment will not be seen
Haiku shows my pain

posted by J

Yeah, that's the only reason why I looked into the ad further and even typed her name in Yahoo and got your surprising analysis

posted by T

I actually prefer elsie in her natural state. She is just another in a long list of investment ads that go straight for the sexual angle.

posted by will

guy - you got this all wrong, it's not her tits that makes this ad's click thrus sore but the close up on her lovely feet.

posted by scopey

Heh, I thought the outrageous nipples were a real breakthrough in advertising. After they removed them I'd never think of using Harris.

posted by M

One thing's clear: We're all t*t men...well,
all of us but Will.

posted by Craiger

All of this begs the question... where can I find more of this spritely little girl? And; Is she REALLY an investor?

posted by Dingus

Scopey got it right. Elsie's feet are truly lovely -- and the main attraction here. My eyes are drawn back and forth between those beautiful feet and her beautiful face. If you've ever sucked a women's toes while gazing into her appreciative eyes, you'd know what we're talking about here.

posted by Paul

I doubt she's really an investor. HarrisDirect probably just used some stock photography they purchased from somewhere.

posted by pinder

I just clicked on her Ni**** and i found my way here to find some more Tit maniacs like me.

posted by John Paul Satre

I agree with Scopey and Paul. Elsie is very sexy, and her legs and feet dominate the picture. Everytime they replace her ad with other Harris ads (like the gal with the dredlocks) I get depressed. Always happy to see Elsie and her sexy feet return.

posted by Mark

I agree. I noticed it myself and typed harris direct and tits into a Yahoo search that took me here.

posted by Aaron

Elsie Lee is very attractive, and her feet are beautiful too. I noticed that her toes seem to be relatively long and graceful (and therefore more attractive). I'm glad they chose to show them. Women with long toes need more appreciation.

Stubs are flubs!

posted by Moe Grits

I see Elsie when I look for quotes on Yahoo. I admit to refreshing the page. I had to go to Harris Direct to see who she was.

posted by corbos

Pleasantly surprised to find others who share my enthusiasm for Elsie's beautiful feet. Yes her toes are long and slender. Heels full and round. The soles of her feet appear to be soft and smooth. I can imagine nothing more pleasurable than to kiss, caress and worship her at those beautiful feet. I'm in love with the girl from an me!

posted by Paul

i'm a woman and i dont really understand your fascination for miss Lee's feet.. i for one was imediately attracted to her natural beauty. I dont focus on actual body parts. Does anyone know if she is a known model? Will there be a web site just for this picture? is there a way to download it?

posted by Danielle

Danielle, my comments regarding Miss Lee's feet are really more intended to celebrate the concept of an ad agency recognizing the erotic potential of the female foot in general, than her feet specifically. I'll agree, her nature beauty is there. But for me, a man who has found the form of the female foot a source of interest for many years, I wanted to see how many others out there noticed what I consider to be the blantant use of her feet as a major component of the ad's composition. To make my point, crop her feet from the image and see how much less interesting it becomes. No slight intended to Elsie, but the ad itself is beautifully composed. If the female foot were not a source of eroticism, than why the recent trend toward toe rings, ankle braclets, nail polish of many exotic colors, open toed shoes and high heels -- dominating the fashion industry? As long as women remain unaware that they are providing pleasure via certain fashion choices, I guess I'll just enjoy the show. I'd be disappointed if they became suddenly aware and decided to cover up. By the way, you can view the full ad by clicking on one of the links provided above.

posted by Paul

I shoulda known that I wasn't the only one! As a lifelong advertising aficionado I have to say that this one works. And I love this page dedicated to it. Must admit, though, that I didn't even see her feet. It was the boobs all the way for me.

posted by Gonzo

I must add that her hair is just great, but i still dont know if you guys were able to download this magnificient picture, i can't.. I'm not very good with computers, please help if you can.

posted by Danielle


Click on the (had nipples) link above. That will open the picture. Then right click on the picture and save picture as a JPEG file. You should then be able to go to where your JPEG was saved and open it while you are online or offline. This process will work for most any picture you see on the net. Best regards.

posted by Paul

Thanks for the tip (!), i just downloaded it, i still dont understand why the add exposed Elsie as a macromedia flash image.. But i must say those nipples are very nice, they should have stayed the course and let them on.. anyone knows of any other pics from this lovely model? maybe she's a feet and bra model..

posted by Danielle

By the way, the clip with the tits has the feet cut, so the pic is incomplete,, but not to worry, it comes up all the time still on yahoo finance.. the add must work a lot for them.

posted by Danielle

my God, i guess im one of the many. she looks pretty and i cant let go. i want to meet her. i want to go naked with her.

posted by fredrick

I dont see Elsie as often now, i wonder if they will phase her out.. would be too bad, she really is a gorgeous model.. feet and all.

posted by danielle

danielle, If you enjoy pictures of models, you might enjoy this site. I just recently ran across it.

posted by Paul

Thanks Paul, good site, but i wish there was a site with Miss Lee's body of work.. did anyone register ?

posted by danielle

woah she's a hottie . feet what feet i didn't see anything except her tits and her pretty face
the hair style goes well with her

posted by abhi

Oh, Elsie, Elsie, Elsie--there's a place in Australia for you; with me.

posted by chris rann

She's absolutely magnificant. The tight shirt only adds to her exquisite shape.

If Harris was smart, it would open a fan site for her.

posted by Sap

Its kinda funny how I was thinking pretty much what all has been said.
I clicked on the splash link only hoping to meet this 'investor'. I found her name and to my surprise, after searching her name, this page came up.
I guess you could say that there is hot and REALLY FRICKEN HOT!

posted by Moo

Yes Elsie is hot, but what about that Oriental girl on the Harris ads. Now there is a hottie! Pretty plus pretty sassy looking. Thanks Harris!

posted by Paul

Yes, i agree, the oriental woman is very attractive, but Elsie is very unique!! I still see her from time to time on yahoo, bare feet included!! Harris should run ads on tv with her. sure hit .. I think i will buy 100 shares of BMO, the parent company of Harris... Cashing in on Elsie's sex appeal..

posted by Danielle

Elsie Lee, what a wholesome name to dream of. I am drawn into her breasts, her nipples, as into a dream. Her smile accepts these thoughts kindly, generously.

posted by Padrick

Elsie is very pretty, and its no surprise that Harris Direct is using her for the ad, after all Harris is another CIA/KGB front company by this controlled world of ours, run by Jewish Elitist Capos and Neo Nazis of WWII.

The control has always bee there, but people don't realize it.

posted by Robert

Robert, me thinks you're a bit confused. Your conspiracy theories associate the most unlikely partners. The CIA and the KGB? Harris is a front company and somehow Jews hold the strings along with Nazis? Elsie is a pretty young model, apparently from head to toe, as the folks who've posted on this board will attest. And Harris? Harris is a one-time small bank founded in Chicago, now grown to a significant size due to their proficiency at serving customers in a capitalist market. Three cheers for Harris! And double that for Elsie Lee!

posted by Gomek

Robert, me thinks you're a bit confused. Your conspiracy theories associate the most unlikely partners. The CIA and the KGB? Harris is a front company and somehow Jews hold the strings along with Nazis? Elsie is a pretty young model, apparently from head to toe, as the folks who've posted on this board will attest. And Harris? Harris is a one-time small bank founded in Chicago, now grown to a significant size due to their proficiency at serving customers in a capitalist market. Three cheers for Harris! And double that for Elsie Lee!

posted by Gomek

I betch you "Elsie Lee" would make a hell-of-lot-of money if she posed for playboy or penthouse. She has some bodu, and even with her clothes on, you can see shes a winner.

Shes quality "A" meat!


posted by Robert

Noam Chomsky Sucks

posted by Nice boobs, but

The nipples are back.

O Elsie, will there ever be a fan site?

The Asian woman is pretty hot too but she's no Elsie.

posted by sleepy la beef

I know I've already weighed in on the subject, but I cannot help but comment again. If I were in charge of issuing awards, there would have to be multiple categories: (1) Most sexy and sassy, likely to make my heart go pitter-patty - Mei Lee (The Asian Girl); (2) Sexiest pose and most kissable toes - Elsie Lee; (3) Worst hair, most likely to scare - Shirlocka (The Black Girl with the dreadlocks). I'm tellin ya, if Harris could find more girls like Mei and Elsie to model, I could see buying a Girls of Harris calendar.


posted by Paul

She's not real. Haven't you seen that nvidia tech demo?

Just kidding...

posted by yoyo

Elsie Lee and Mei Lee? Hey, maybe they're sisters! Is Shirlocka's last name also Lee?

posted by Paul

Let's get this discussion back where it belongs:

Focus on the smooth curve of Elsie Lee's milk white breasts and hard, yearning nipples awaiting and anticipating and expecting your fingertips, your mouth, your teeth. Suck, suck. Elsie's nurturing breasts and nipples. These are angel food.

posted by patrick

End of december and Elsie is still featured on Yahoo Finance.. Wow.. I just hope and pray it will go on forever, just the most perfect look. i would definitely buy an Elsie Calendar. Is there a tribute page yet?

posted by Danielle

I second the sentiment for an Elsie Lee calendar. Would also support an Elsie Lee fan club. Are Elsie and Harris Direct aware of these online postings, and of Elsie's popularity? Somebody should tell them.

posted by padrick

Cool. She's so admirable. Yes, I was caught by her oversuckable feet. Her pose and the whole composition make it a killer ad. Anyone should learn how to make real erotic photos, like this.

posted by Hinter

Want another photo of "Elsie Lee"? Look here:

posted by Hinter

Interesting resume Hinter -- though I'm sure it is not that of our Harris Elsie. Also interesting that your attention was caught by her "oversuckable" feet. I'm not sure what oversuckable means, but it is a term that seems appropriate in describing the delightful and tempting little feet presented in this ad. I am fortunate to have a women who understands the attraction her feet have for me. Delicate toes. Soft soles. Sensitive to the touch, but appreciative and responsive to a soft caress, gentle kiss and eventually, when I am no longer able to contain myself, gentle nibbling of her heel and warm bath from my tounge. If she is enjoying the attention as much as I am experencing in providing it, she will often flex her toes and probe at my eager mouth. I draw them in, one at a time, until all are safely tucked inside. I work my tounge over and between each toe, developing a visual impression in my mind, much as a blind man might have the visual world open to him through a brail copy of the works of the great masters such as Shakespare or Voltaire. I seem unable to draw the object of my desire deeply enough inside me, much as she has reported to me her desire for ever-deeper penetration during the course of our more conventional love making. If she happens to wiggle her toes, they tickle the back of my throat, yet strangely cause no gag reflex. At this point, I believe I have just experienced a little bit of heaven ...

posted by Paul

As soon as I saw was all over. Now I know I'm not alone. She's got the total package. I wonder if that's her real name? Please post more info on this amazing woman!

posted by crayrail

close up of elsie's face:

posted by vitriol

i saw this kind ofbeuaty once in my life and this is the second. I am in love with this picture.
thank you harris direct ! Elsie looks perfect. Photographer deserve Nobel prize! And we demand more pictures of
Elsie and if not we will start the company.

posted by Nicki

This is a stock photo by Evan Sklar of Bernstein and Andriulli Photography:

posted by Not Provided

Oh Elsie, unveil and reveal yourself to your many worthy suitors here!

Harris Direct, we desire more. Who among us can dispatch a message to Harris Direct about this on line dialogue, and who among us can reach the goddess Elsie herself? How do we reach you? How do we encounter many more of your bits and bytes?

posted by padrick

You can tell that the dog in background is absolutely knocked out be her beauty. Just look at the expression on his face!

posted by Bill

You all are hilarious for posting here, and I have to join in saying it is hard {sic} not to notice Elsie Lee in the ad, she is in great shape, slim but big boobs. After seeing the ad so many times I did the Yahoo search thing too.

posted by harley

Elsie Lee is amazing. She should definitely have her own web page and pose for Playboy

posted by joe

I too was captivated by Elsie Lee. She has an enigmatic beauty like a cyber Mona Lisa. A flawless shape and perfect breasts don't hurt either. I wish I could see more of her.

posted by Jim

I typed the query Harris Direct breasts about 2 months ago and no results.

So funny I'm not the only one!

I am disappointed her nipples have been photoshoped out... She is just so naturally gorgeous.

posted by Font9a


posted by dfdsf

couple of things, based on worldly experience:

yes' she's hot
but- she' not real, very self absorbed, would be a disaster to fall for
hence, her appeal as an ad, draws the masochistic suckers in
--beautiful, obviously, its why we're all here
--what's really beautiful, youngsters, remember this, it's called bone structure
--what do you do with a woman like elsie
----catch a peek, be happy she's someone else's problem, use yourmemories to your advantage, know that when she's about 42 (and even better looking) , she'll dump the news about thebaby to be on the oh-so-sttudly professional's lap.
a great argument for reversible vasectomies or oral sex (like she'd do it if she knew that's why you wanted it)

young boys, remeber elsie as a cigarette. just about exactly what the admakers would have you think you wanted; use her to find the opposite (hint, a nice girll who likes to party and read)

posted by wisk

Look bloke, I agree with what you are saying about Elsie Lee not being real and all. But I disagree with your conclusion that one must think of Dear Elsie Lee as a cigarette. You know, one can admire and even mentally fondle Elsie and her smooth, curved breasts, etc. without buying into any sense of commercialism at all. Just accepting beauty for beauty's sake. The last thing one should do is fall for the corporate machine, or into it, just cause one has fallen for Elsie Lee. Let's co-opt the machine instead, and celebrate beauty for its purity. And, let's drink a round to Elsie. Yeah, Elsie.

posted by padrick

Obviou:sly, advertisers will do anything with stock photos,1280,-2443122,00.html

But a question, is abrokerage company allowed to use a fake name if they say investor portfolio"Elsie Lee". Let's demand naked disclosure

Also kudos to "Not PRovided"
for the serendipity or research (which was it?) to provide the link

This is a stock photo by Evan Sklar of Bernstein and Andriulli Photography:
posted by Not Provided

posted by hooboy

Have we reached the bottom of the barrel, or the nub of the nipple, as it were, on our discussion of milkmaid Elsie Lee?

posted by Padrick

Padrick, don't be so hasty to assume that there is nothing left to speak of when it comes to Elsie. They are giving her picture a rest it seems, but now her sister Mei Lee, who was also of the Harris ads, now graces the Yahoo home page (at least mine). What a delightfully sassy girl that Mei is. Beautiful, silky black hair. Wickedly beautiful eyes. Full round breast, with a hint of nipple. And for me, of course, I certain very small, delicate and sweet feet. I do believe Mei is even more beautiful than Elsie.

posted by Paul

my god... i'm not alone...

we are so close in finding who she really is, and yet, so far :( ... don't stop now people... perverts unite !! WE'LL FIND YOU ELSIE !!

posted by unknown

March 31, 2003

She's on the Yahoo home page!

posted by Fred

Will the REAL Elsie Lee please step forward...

I hate to rain on this parade, but the Elsie in the ad aint Elsie at this link and weep.

Sad but true.

posted by n0v8

Elsie Lee

posted by n0v8

I am grateful for your comments. And indeed I continue to check back with this web site in the hopes that my dear Elsie will be revealed. I do not believe that that the web link provided by n0v8 is picturing the true Elsie. At least, not the Elsie of our collective dreams. Ahhh, there I go dreaming again. The beautiful curved breasts. Oh yes, I want to see them in all their shapes, as she bends this way and that, as she sits and stands and runs and laughs, and as she pushes each nipple between my lips, and as I rub her smoothness. Ah, yes. This is to say nothing, yet, of what lies beneath.... We have not the faintest picture of that yet, mates. But I for one want to see the whole picture, visit the entire woman with my eyes and lips and nose and fingers and, ahhh, yes, and all the rest...

posted by Padrick

I must say, this discussion regarding oh-so-delicious Elsie is well written and so articulate! I think everything that can be said, has, which leaves me with this final attempt to sum up all that is Ms. Lee: Jesus Fucking Christ that Chick is so hot I am about to lose it!!!!!

posted by C-Dog

I thought I was the only one.
To n0v8, the Elsie Lee at I'm NOT the website cited has a disclaimer from elsie. "I am not the Elsie Lee who appeared in the HarrisDirect ad"

posted by escott

We are in March, and Elsie is as present on websites as ever! I see her often on the NYTimes site, just a great pic to go with the war coverage.. Elsie should be the official pin-up of the Iraqi War..

posted by Danielle

Danielle - I gave you a link to awhile back, and that sight no longer provides free pictures. But there is one that is even better that I just discovered Very clear pictures that load very quickly, and a huge inventory of subjects. My favorite photo collection is that of Catherine Zeta-Jones. I love her soft dark hair. And she always has plenty of poses showing off those great legs and kissable toes.

posted by Paul

Paul, I certainly appreciate your web site offering. However, if I must say it first, as beautiful and full as is Catherine Zeta-Jones, she is no Elsie Lee. I am left wanting. I am left hungry for Elsie. Would any other do?

posted by padrick

Whew! For a moment there, I thought our little tribute to The Girls of Harris was gone! A couple weeks back I tried to get to this site, and much to my dismay, NOTHING. Fortunately, it looks like everything has been restored. Hey Padrick, you've really fallen hard for Elsie, eh? I won't deny you your right to dream. Glad you enjoyed the link to I have come across several sites that do a nice job of show-casing beautiful women -- but that one seemed extraordinary. If anyone else knows of others, please share. In closing, Elsie is a sweetart, but I've gotta say that the oriental girl of the Harris ads I referred to as Mei Lee (after a radiant and charming Chinese co-worker of mine) is the more beautiful of the two. Those sassy eyes, silky hair and flirtatious grin just blow me away. Do you think either of these two delightful ladies are aware of their popularity among the people who view these ads. While this little corner of the web is by no means representative of the whole, I'm sure there are many others that are just as entertained. Elsie Lee and Mei Lee, you often bring a smile to my day when I catch a glimpse of your faces.

posted by Paul

Hey there Paul, I would not phrase it that I have "fallen hard" for Elsie. I will, however, grant that I am hard for Elsie.

All the best in finding and uncovering the elusive.

posted by padrick

Someone should contact the agency at and ask who the model is in this stock photo...

posted by Elsie Fan

Elsie Fan,

I've seen you post the link to the agency before and I poked around their web-site. I must not be much of a detective, because I didn't find the picture there. When I saw you provide the same link, I thought to myself "what's up with this person's obsession with this agency?" Little did I know that there was a link to the Elsie model. Wow!

Some questions. Are you just a talented snoop, or are you in some way associated with the agency? I'm not suggesting if you actually worked there that you would disclose any personal details that might lead to you compromising your anonimity, but if you are in the ad biz, I've got some questions for you.

First off, I'm the Paul that posted several times, the observation that Elsie has rather attractive feet, and that I thought beautiful feet can really add to the composition of a photograph. In recent years, seems one cannot open the TV Guide, or any of a number of mainstream publications -- and witness many examples of attractive female celebrities, in various provocative poses, almost always showing off their beatutfil feet. Toes painted and flexing. Arches exposed and soft round heels and soles for all to see ... whew!

Is there any validity to my feeling that women's feet are very interesting material to the professional photogarpher, or am I just prejudiced by my own peculiar (or maybe not so peculiar) bias.

Thanks in advance.

posted by Paul

George Gurley at the New York Observer seems to understand where I'm coming from.

posted by Paul

Thanks ŕPaul, i loved the column, As a woman i can tell you men really care for feet, some of them are foot fetish freaks! As for beautiful Elsie, she still appears on Yahoo finance, and other sites all over. I guess she still generates the hits for Harris. I'm bisexual, and i'm just in love with her.

posted by Danielle

Pose for Playboy? Website? Thinking too small here. If Elsie gets a reaction like this from one picture she could be a movie star.

posted by Doug

Whoo hoo, Elsie Fan, and all others. Thanks a pinch for the web link at
It's nice to see a full photo of Elsie Lee, and find out where from where it originated. Several comments about the photo. First, I suppose this puts us a lot closer to discovering who is the real Elsie Lee. Second, I would be interested in seeing an enlargement of this photo. Any thoughts on how to do this. Third, you must give Harris Direct a lot of credit for finding the real beauty, Elsie, in this photo, and for cropping out the crap. Because, looking at this full-framed photo, Elsie is in the background, and the most prominent feature of the photo is the wood floor. While admitedly, it's a beautiful wood floor, its varnish cannot compare to Elsie.
Now that we've got a link to this photo of Elsie, and she appears to be a model, are there sleuths amongst you who can find other photos of this bombshell?

posted by Padrick

I agree. Elsie has the figure to be a model. Even though, we aren't able to see her standing, which would allow us to see her entire figure. But her position is good enough to show her natural beauty. And yes, as a foot fetishist myself, i think her feet would be great for the leg shaving, leg lotion or even karate commercials. Oh yes, it's very nice to pamper a lady's feet, especially when you hit the spots on the ball of her feet. Massaging, caressing and at times, kissing her toes is the best feeling for both you and her. Trust me, it works.

posted by Nick

Nick - Ah, another who appreciates the whole picture -- from head to toe. I have to say that I feel very fortunate to have married a women who is very beautiful, physically and spititually. She takes great care of herself, and having to come to terms with my appreciation for her beautiful feet, she takes extra special care of them. Fortuantely she has come to trust me, and has relinquished some of the tasks related to caring for her feet. Sometimes after a particurlarly hard week at work, I find myself exhausted and ready for nothing more than falling fast asleep, and my sweetheart makes the request that instantly brings me to the heights of arrousal and passion. "Honey" she'll purr. My nails are getting a little long. You're going to have to trim them for me one of these days. Suddenly, something happens that I can't fully explain. I'm alert, invigorated and certain parts of me throbing with desire. I'm off to get the tools of my trade, clippers, a pillow and an emory board and I laying in the opposite position of her on the bed. I usually begin to gently pulling on her toes. I slide my fingers between each delicate one, removing any lint which may have accumulated. I might rake my fingernails long the sole of her foot, loidering around her heels just a little extra while, all the while becoming more and more stimulated by her cooing and purring. (She is not tickelish, and I have no disire to elicit any such response. I'm going for the coos here!) After I've properly stimulated her feet, I begin to trim the nails. I prefer to use regular finger nail clippers, which is all that is required, as her toes and nails are small and delicate. No need for big choppers, thank heaven. It doesn't take but perhaps 5 minutes and I'm done - usually to the disappointed remark from her "Are you done already? Can't you start over again?" When I get this kind of response, I know I'm in for some fun. The trimming is then followed up with some light buffing on the tips of each toe nail with the emory board. Course side first, followed by a finishing touch with the fine end. I then playfully pull the emory board bewteen each intersection of toes, or cleavage if you will, which usually elicits a few plaful giggles. Now I know I'm in for some fun when that happens. Her eyes are closed and she is either pretending or to be asleep or just very relaxed, it doesn;t matter. I now retrieve a fresh washrag and run warm water and soap it up and return to foot of the bed, on my knees, to gently wash her feet. She cooperates by hanging each foot over the edge of the bed, and allows several more trips back and forth in order to properly soap, rinse and towel dry. I'm now at the highest state of arrousal, and she ready to fall fast asleep. She is deeply relaxed, eyes closed, head deeply sunk in her pillow. Only her little feet and legs peak from the covers, up to about the knee. With the lights out, and the soothing sounds of the waves lapping on the shore from our sound machine, I lay at the foot of the bed, right arm curled beneath one ankle, fingers caressing the toes and sole of her left foot. Her right foot pressed against my eager lips. She flexes her toes and gently probes my mouth. The enter my mouth and I gingerly suck on each in turn. I run my tounge between each toe. Nibbble ever so gently. Listen for her sighs and signs that she is relaxed, enjoying the senastions. I sometimes lay there for an hour, often more, sucking as though a baby at the nipple. Sheer delight. I cannot properly put it in words. I love that women and I'm thankful I've found another way to express it.

posted by Paul

Danielle - Since you said you enjoyed the article I posted from the New York Observer, I thought I'd share a couple more fairly mainstream compositions that help explain the eroticism some find possible in beautiful female feet. There are some who would proudly exclaim that they are a breast man or an ass man, both of which I consider just as obsurd as someone who would define themself as a foot fetishist. I'm none of the above, yet I have an appreciation for all three. Here are the links, I hope you find them equally enjoyable: and

posted by Paul

You guys really seem to be hot if you all have been writing to this Chinese girl. Now she sets things straight : "*** I'm NOT the Elsie Lee who appeared in the HarrisDirect ad ***"

But look at this:

In the ad on the NYT website the editor used a heart shaped brush to remove her nipples. Gosh! Will that be the next NYT scandal?

posted by kensey

"By far the most popular search terms that lead people to this blog have to do with barefoot investor babe Elsie Lee from Harrisdirect's formerly ubiquitous pop-up (and other) ads. "

Elsie, reveal your identity to your millions
of fans worldwide so that we can buy
you records and pictures and all this
goodies we long for!

posted by kensey

Paul--- Thanks for the links, very instructive, i will think about it next time i receive a foot massage from a friend..

posted by Danielle

Aahh, I knew I was'nt the only one drawn to this beauty and her lovely feet.

I did a similar search on yahoo a few month ago and got nothing.

Is there any way to let HarrisDirect know that they hit a home run with this particular ad?

The other people in the ad are just OK. Elsie is the "Star"

Thanks for this page.

posted by maxwell

Someone could ask the photographer that took her picture....

Evan Sklar
1 Main Street Apt. #5E
Brooklyn, NY 11201
718 222-0779 phone
718 222-5995 fax

posted by Not Provided

You guys should talk about Elsie Lee again.

posted by rookie

Elsie is truly worthy of the adulation....but I am intrigued by Danielle!!

posted by Michael

Even Kit & Carlyle has a foot fetish? I've been where that cat is, and loved every minute of it.

posted by Paul

I think Harris Direct has to know about the attention that "elsie" has gotten. It is borderline stalking to go to the extreme of trying to find out who she is. At the same time this young woman may not really want this degree (or type) of attention. I wouldn't doubt that she is recognized by strangers and she is all too aware of her popularity in the ad. It is very telling that HarrisDirect, the model herself or the photographer haven't attempted to capitalize on all the buzz. Makes one wonder what the reasons are...only an insider would be able to tell us. We are her number one fans after all. Her image is unforgettable....


posted by crayrail

loved that comic, Paul! We are so lucky, we still see Elsie and her feet everyday on Yahoo!! How many years is this going to last? I actually dressed like Elsie the other day!

posted by Danielle

Glad you enjoyed the Kit and Carlyle Danielle. I don't know the cartoonists intentions, but my wife emailed the link to the comic to me at work, with only the comment "Wink, Wink." Quite surprised when I opened it up. Now I know little kitties like to like icecream bowls and will occasionally give you a little kiss in the night. But to suggest one would strike that pose at the foot of his mistress, well that just struck a note with me. And my wife too it appears.

posted by Paul

Danielle ~ just how did you look as Elsie!?!

posted by Michael

Well I think it has finally happened. Someone even more sexy than Elsie and even the Asian girl from the Harris ads. It's that latin hottie in the Scottrade ads in the business section of Yahoo! Yow!!!! I'm a sucker for that look. Silky black hair. Full, pouty lips. And a seductive look about those big brown eyes. Scottrade Girl - Please put down that mug, and remove that jacket and show me your nice, firm titties. And legs, I'll bet they're long, strong, tan and shapely. Yummie! Let's hear it for Scottrade!

posted by Paul

Please see this link...
Can't wait to see the new pics ;->

Summary of the above link:

Recently, we completed our second online photo shoot that features the return of a favorite -- Direct Investor Elsie Lee.
-- Eric Frenchman, Director, Online Advertising, Harrisdirect

Campaign Details

Client: Harrisdirect
Agency: Modem Media
Publisher:, Yahoo!, CBS MarketWatch
Rich Media Provider: Unicast

posted by Charlie

Charlie, thanks for the update. An new photo spread with Elsie? Doesn't surprise me. But as I said many times before, unless they are willing to show us the "whole picture" they are setting themselves up for disappointment. That ad would never have been as popular as it is, if not for Elsie propping her pretty feet up on the desk and showing the world her soft soles and pretty toes. She has a real charm about her, but enough of her has to be shown for it to have that same level of impact. Looking forward to what is coming next. 7/17/2003

posted by Paul

I think Ameritrade is poking fun at the Harris ads with the pictures of the transvestite. Clever and a little funny, but I've had enough. Bring us Elsie and Mei back!!!

posted by Paul

Here's another model that keeps popping up here and there. How come there aren't office bunnies like these where I work?

posted by sleepy la beef

I know the real Elsie. She told me about the frenzy over her HarrisDirect ad, but I couldn't believe it! You guys are crazy.

It's just too tempting to feed you guys. I won't reveal her name (she deserves privacy), but I will give you guys a few little nuggets:

1) She's not asian. She's mixed - half black, half white.

2) She's a model, not an investor.

3) She's also an actor. There was at least one toothpaste ad that got heavy rotation.

4) She's the body model for the character Alyx in the new game Half Life 2. You can easily find images of Alyx posted all over the place.

posted by Anonymous

Checkout Elsie in the October 2003
issue of Parents magazine, p. 127 - 130.

posted by Elsie fan

I secretly scour the web searching for more Elsie foot fetish related content. This chick is "standin" on a Goldmine and could make a mint with own foot worship site. Oh how I long for more... Please tell the trail does not end here!@

posted by Anonymouse

Anonymouse - If you truly scour the web looking for pictures of Elsie's feet, I'd like to suggest that you visit a site that I enjoy. Go to and in the search criteria, type the phrase: FM CONCEPTS. The material on that web-site (at least that which is foot related) quite incredible. The women are typically beautiful, from head to toe. And, many of them seem to be enjoying their work -- whether for the money or the script, I'm not certain. I've heard it said by many that latin women tend to have the hottest feet. I enjoy any that are clean, shapely and well tended to. Asian women tend to arrouse a certain additional appreciation in me as well. Enjoy the site. Reviewing the Monthly Brochure section is especially rewarding. It gets updated typcially just past the mid-point of each month. I could do without the simulated prisoner and bondage however.

posted by Paul

Has she taken up golf??

posted by michael

I say the golf ad yesterday (10/7/03), too, and my first thought was that it's Elsie. Sure looks like her. Maybe the first of the new HarrisDirect shoot mentioned above. Also found this "Clickable Elsie."

posted by Gonzo

I've seen the golf ad too, and let me say that the picture of Elsie Lee in that ad looks nothing like the Elsie Lee from the prior ads. Her skin is much darker. Features, much more that of a black, whereas the pictures from the original ad depicted someone who was caucasian. What gives? Did the lighten the original Elsie's skin or darken the new one? Regardless, there is one element missing from the new ad that certainly makes it much less appealing to me. Ok - maybe two things are missing. Or - maybe ten things are missing. I don't care if the "new" Elsie is the same person as appeared in the original ad or not -- without those shapely legs, pretty toes and soft soles, the new ad lacks the same impact and interest of the original. Harris is running the ad with the oriental girl again, and I must once again say that she is a delight to behold. Best wishes to all!

posted by Paul

Sadly, Harris seems to be toying with us. The latest ad features what appears to be a totally different "Elsie Lee" golfing. Oh the humanity!! :(

posted by elsie4me

elsie lee is a godess. I saw the ad, searched google, and found my way here. I'm thinking of starting an elsie lee fan site.... any interest here?

posted by elsieleeluvah

I know who Elsie Lee is! Here's the link

posted by SS

although they look similiar, Natalie Raitano is not Elsie Lee

posted by pinder

Pinder, While Natelie Raitano does look similiar to Elsie, the Elsie Lee they now feature in the golf ad bears little resemelence to the Elsie Lee of the feet propped up on the desk at the computer ad - as it looks as if her race has changed. The PC Elsie has skin that is definately white. An interesting feature of that photo is the soles of her feet versus the tops of her feet. On a black woman, there is typically a greater contrast between the two. On the PC Elsie, both are creamy white. I suspect that they've doctored the photo digitally in more ways than one. We know that they removed the nipples at one point in time. Did they also play with the contrast and tone of her skin? Does the Elsie of so many dreamers here really exist, or is she a collection of pixels? If the real Elsie is out there reading this, comment please. I'm certain you are beautiful in real life, but are the photos in these ads more or less like the real Elsie?

posted by Paul

For those who havent seen the golf shots, I saw them here at
on 11/12.

posted by mojo

Is this real or am in a Matrix world? There *can't* be some many like me...

posted by hot like java

Better late than never- just unbelievable...there is something unique about that picture and that model, aside from the busty elven looks and sexy feet that drew me right in. She's definitely not Natalie Raitano- compare the ears from the hi-res B&W and it's obvious. Can't vouch for Alyx- haven't played Half Life. Man, I've never spent over an hour on the net following a particular mystery girl (not even Kiana Bessa). Compliments to Evan Sklar for the composition. I hope someone will post more details/pics soon. Where's that fan site? I'm surprised no one has cashed in on this yet...except for Harrisdirect.

posted by Cenghiz Khan

Beautiful, shapely, sexy feet. That is what it is all really about (that original ad with Elsie). Soft warm skin on the toes and soles. A delight to feel as they warm my face, gently caressing my cheeks, forehead, nose, eye brows and lids, and finally my lips. Oh when those toes delicately probe my mouth and work their way past my lips ... Heaven! I'm in Heaven!! I try to contain my excitement - less my lady misunderstand my intentions. I love her, I want her, but at this particular moment, I am lost completely in the desire to kiss, suck, lick, caress and worship her by way of her feet and toes. Thank you for allowing me to suck each toe in its turn. Thank you for allowing me to explore every crevice between your toes , around the nails, on the sole and around the heal...ahhhhh! I breath in deeply to experience your scent, your essence. I'm in love with a women and I love to make love to her all over -- at times, especially -- her feet. I'm grateful she understands and allows me to have this delightful experience.

posted by Paul

Guys and gals: Would you please stop talking about my wife. I appreciate for your admiration of her beauty, but please don't go further than that; Moreover, she does not want to hear any comment about her feet since she's still upset that yesterday, while walking barefoot at a local park, she accidently stepped on a big wet dog's poop. Thank you very much for your understanding.

posted by Vic Lee

Vic - If I were Elsie's husband, I would not have her out walking barefoot in the park. And, she would just love the attention I'd pay her. Anyway, the tribute in my prior post was for my wife, not Elsie.

posted by Paul

Vic, if you truly are Elsie's husband, we demand further proof, such as a picture of you and Elsie together.

On that note, sorry to bust everyone's bubble, but according to the following website,, the people that we see in the ads are all just "fictitious" investors.

However, the "real" Elsie Lee can be found on this page here:

posted by SS

Is it "Elsie Lee" who is shown in the October issue of Prevention magazine. That issue has gone astray so I can't be more specific, but the spread was on exercises to prevent low back problems. The model who looks like Elsie was one of several and the article was an excerpt from an excercise book.

posted by robodog

If anyone who actually knows this model is aware of her having an interest in having a professional web-site or CD-ROM for self-promotion created, I am seeking a project to add to my own portfolio. When last I did this type of work I used a local model, but she has since married and is now pregnant, thus no longer interested in that field of work. Given the interest shown here and the signs of a career beginning to take off, I think this project could be beneficial both to the model/actress and myself. I specialize in high-end flash-based web pages and highly interactive CD-ROMs. I am NOT offering to create a fan-site, nor should this offer be interpreted as a slightly more clever way to meet/find-out who the model is. I have worked with various photographers and models before professionally (I started in this business doing high-end photo editing) and after a hiatus I am looking to get back into it, however I need some good, fresh work to demo before I can charge the rate I am accustomed to. If you know this or any other serious models or actors (male, female, whatever, as long as they are serious), please send en e-mail to Serious enquiry's only, please. I retain the right to refuse any potential client for any reason. References available upon request. Thank you for your time.


posted by Blenster

Blenster, are you delusional? The model who poses as Elsie doesn't need your help. I mean, she's obviously got what it takes to hold people's interest, as she's had a loyal following on this thread for over a year -- with offers as diverse as someone who wants to set up a fan web site, to my confessed desire to fall at her feet and kiss her toes. Nice try at a slightly more clever way to meet/find-out who the model is though.

posted by Paul

I work with professional models with some frequency and I have the pictures to prove it. Confidentiality agreements prevent me from posting a link here without written permission from the photographer or model (depending on which owns the rights to the image). Most of the models I know now want me to pay them for inclusion in a project designed to promote my own interests, which is why I am looking for someone who is interested in a trade, or are not suitable for my current project needs. I've found someone, by the way, an 18-year-old model that is currently studying to be an actress; she's dating a friend of mine and does not live too far away. I personally am engaged to a very lovely girl, size 2 who is, alas, camera shy. I have no special interest in "Elsie" or her feet. My offer was one of those random "Oh what the hell!" ideas and if it never generates a response, it bothers me not at all. If it did, it would be nice to have my name on a project (rather than the photographer, for whom I am most often sub-contracted to to perform much of the editing and all of the multimedia work). I'm hoping to get my company going, and so far it's been so successful that I've not had time to update our site in several weeks due to client work already pouring in. It's nice to have a good reputation. Best of luck to you and the other fans of this particular model/actress and best of luck to her as well. If anyone needs a quality multimedia presentation, website, database, or needs help with technology of some kind, feel free to send an e-mail and request a quote. Incidentally, I do have references, and I naturally would assume that the model and/or her agent would check them before engaging in a serious discussion of project requirements. I take great pride in maintaining a very professional demeanor in business and on the set (especially when working with nude shots, which aren't as fun as you might fantasize, one tends to be too caught up in the technical details so that the effort and money spent on setting everything up "just right" is not wasted), as well as not treating my clients as though they are stupid simply because I know more about computers than they do (a very common practice among computer geeks, my interpersonal skills have done far more to grow my business than my technical savvy ever has). Thus I am a little offended at being called "delusional" and I will state that, in my experience, many models do not have a complete portfolio due cost or the fact that agencies maintain ownership of the ones they create for their clients (offering to sell them for several thousand dollars, if at all). Having an independently owned portfolio offers a model far more flexibility and can help them self-promote in a cut-throat industry where everyone is making money except the models (excepting, of course, the models who are more famous). Imagine working 14 hours changing into dozens of outfits for the opposing season (winter ads are shot in the summer, and vice versa), standing most if not all of this time, and being paid $500 for it. It's not an easy job. One of the primary contractors I work with is a photographer who creates model portfolios for models who are independent of a label, for which he gets paid several hundred dollars. Additional to the editing which I do on his pictures, some models opt for an interactive CD or DVD, especially if they have acting spots to showcase, or if they want us (I do the video work) to shoot demo material specifically for the project. Anything that helps you stand out from the other models can make or break your career. So hopefully this helps everyone understand that I have in fact worked in the industry and I am not another stalker (not that this list is comprised of anything other than "fans", mind you).

posted by Blenster

Blenster, well written response. I'm convinced that you're very good at what you do, and I wish you and your clients the best of luck. I was just poking a little fun. My presence here is for the entertainment value, nothing more. If your computer skills are as good as your writing, I'm sure you put together quite a package.

posted by Paul

Is this "Elise" on the far right of this ad.

posted by Charlie

Sorry for the typo...I meant "Elsie".... here is another link. Do you think this is Elsie???

posted by Charlie

Let's see how long this new girl lasts. The click-through ratio has got to have dramatically declined...

posted by Alain

I don't think so, Charlie. Too dark and the angles of the face are wrong.

As for Blenster above trying to get his mitts on our Elsie...tsk, tsk...

posted by elsie4me

I think part ot the appeal of Elsie, at least for me, was the wonderful, sensual way the orginal ad had her moving left to right, back and forth, in a nice slow movement. V-e-r-y sexual. M-m-m-m-m-mmm.
That and those fascinating almond-shaped eyes.

And her tits.

posted by Reabis

Paul and Charlie,
that is elsie on the petite sophisticate ad. she's a very good friend of mine and i actually hadn't seen that ad of hers yet. thanks for the heads up.

posted by friend

I am the bulldog. I rest in my comfortable red chair, but an infinite space forever seperates me from my lovely elsie lee.

posted by sambo

The Good News. She's back and featured in banner ads for Harris that appear on, among other places, site.
The Bad News. It looks like someone worked her over with an ugly stick. Her image on the banner is particularly disconcerting. For one thing, it looks like she's aged twenty years in the past three months.When you click through to Harris, there's another "new" photo which disappointingly does not quite display her most prominent assets. It's a head-on shot which, while not quite as unflattering as the one in the banner, definitely would not be a qualifying entry for any beauty pageant on this planet.
I guess this is further evidence that the dream is most often more satisfying than the reality or something to that effect.

posted by Phil

A brief follow-up to my previous posting commenting on Elsie's diminished pulchritude.

Someone from Harris must be monitoring this site. I had clicked-through to their website several times during the past week and always got the unflattering head-on shot. Now, twenty minutes or so after posting, when I clicked through to Harris, that shot has been replaced with the original beautiful profile photo including breasts.

As of now, the banner on is still of the decrepit Elsie.

posted by Phil

for posterity (i do it for the kids), here's a link to the new shot of the banner Phil mentioned.

posted by pinder

The new adds definitely scrap the wonderful fantasy we had about Elsie.. I dont understand why marketing geeks could not see this coming, they really needed to show her as identical as possible as the original add.. And besides, the attraction was with her feet and body parts, not her golf swing! The new add is just out of order for her fans.. I will keep looking out for Elsie clones in my favorite places.. Message to Harris Bank : "It's the feet stupid!"

posted by Danielle

I am not elsie lee

posted by elsie lee

Phil - While I believe a bit of euphemism might be in order when describing Elise's "transformatoin" from the first ad to the current one, I can't say that the expression "worked over with an ugly stick" didn't make me chuckle. But let's be fair here. The "new" Elsie (if indeed the same person) still has a smoking, athletic, yet feminine body. Her face is simply obscured by poor lighting. What was this ad attempting to accomplish? Destroy the sex appeal of Elsie Lee? We've seen her in the original Harris ad, looking like a young, fresh girl of Spanish or Italian heritage. Then we see the ads Charie posted from Petite Syphistocate. A pretty black women, but not with the same innocence and sex appeal of the Harris Elise. If the same girl was used in both, and the Petite ad accurately depicts her skin tone, than the original Harris ad was doctored up or the lighting was used in such a way as to lighten her up considerably. And this second Harris ad - not flattering at all. Danielle, I think Harris knows what they are doing. While we were looking into the beautiful pools that were the original Elsie's eyes, her firm, round breast and perky nipples, silky legs and soft, and soft smooth feet - the Harris folks were probably thinking "it's not about her tits you idiots, it's about our portfolio of financial products." Final thought. Maybe this was done as a favor to the Elsie Lee model. Perhaps they aimed to present her in such a way as to put an end to the speculation, the unwanted admiration, even what might be considered "stalking". If so, then they've accomplished what they set out to do. Thanks for the memories original Elise Lee. Your innocene, elegance, sassyness, charm (I'm getting all lathered up again here) will always remain in my memory.

posted by Paul

Forget Harrisdirect, I like to personally invest my time w/ Miss Elsie Lee. Email me, Baby!!!

posted by Richard

Elsie you are beautiful. Will you marry me?

posted by Call me Moe

rofl, seems a lot of male members of the human race are attracted by this woman including me =D anyway, i just saw it and it´s 7 months after this blog entry and it was on spot #1 when googling with "elsie lee". mmmhh

posted by Reader

WTF i just realized it´s not 7 months, but 19 months after this blog msg!
oh, and i have always wondered if this worked

posted by Reader

One of the sexiest women on earth. Enjoy -

posted by Paul


over a year passed, and still, us nerds are unable to find the true identity of the model :(

i mean, common... every hack on the plant has a "personal" or a "fan site" these days... why not her ?? *sigh*

i guess @ this rate... we'll never know who she really is...

posted by [unknown]

Definitely the feet.
I cream all over those feet every night.

posted by joe joe

P.S. - Thanks for the links. Now I don't have to click on the other investment sites and cross my fingers hoping for Elsie . . .

posted by joe joe

People, its an advertisement for cryin' out loud! Its meant to attract a particular category of people. Nipples or no nipples, it works...just look at all the posts! Hell, I opened an account thanks to Elsie!

posted by The Muteman

Lee is her middle name.

posted by googleye

Hi all,

you can thank me all for this... After re-reading some posts, "Elsie's" friend gave you slackers some great hints! I went to "Half Life 2's" website and found no answers. However, lists information about the actors for the video game "Half Life 2" which revealed Elsie's real identity... you ready for this? Her name is Merle Dandridge and she has a website. Cheers!

posted by Mojoboy

Merle Dandridge doesn't look anything like our Elsie.
Elsie is Elsie Lee ________.

posted by googleye

Merle Dandridge doesn't look anything like our Elsie.
Elsie is Elsie Lee ________.

posted by googleye


Mojoboy, I would have to agree with googleye...this is not "Elsie". Even though parts of her bio make her sound the same...I do not think so. Merle is the VOICE of Alyx. Elsie is the BODY of Alyx.

posted by Charlie

Lets check Merle's feet to be sure.

posted by joe joe

Wow, the page has opened up for comment again. Glad to see it. I see joe joe has an appreciation for Elise's feet too. No matter how many times I see that ad, I cannot help but think that someone knew what they were doing. The camera panning around, and finally focusing in on her soft looking soles, heels and toes. The bull dog looking on longlingly at his lovely mistresse's feet. This is some titilating stuff, and it is only an ad for financial products. Imagine what the producer of that little ad could do if he/she put their mind to it!

posted by Paul

Ah, my dear Elsie - there is something rotten in the state of Holland:

posted by joe joe

Nothing rotten about making it against the law to assault someone. And I do consider non-consensual toe sucking assault! From a personal standpoint, I truly enjoy paying attention to my women's feet and toes. And as best I can tell, she enjoys my enjoyment too. If fact, although she'll usually allow me to turn around and lay at her beautiful feet in bed, kissing, licking and sucking the better part of an hour away (while she falls off into a peaceful slumber) -- I much prefer her active participation. Sucking her toes is one thing. Having her feed her toes into my mouth, wiggling them, sliding them in and out, making contact with our eyes and giving me approving looks and sighs ... Now that is heaven on earth!!! The lady has to be willing... Interesting story you posted joe joe. Do you think Elsie may have driven him to such madness? He has been on the prowl for some three years -- about the time the Harris ads hit. Coincidence?

posted by Paul

Elsie is really Jamil (don't know last name).
She is a host on NYC TV. Check out this link:

posted by Charlie

For those of you are so very obsessed, I provide you with the following data:

"Elsie Lee" ad name only

Height 5' 7"
Chest 34" (B cup)
Waist 25"
Hips 34"
Dress Size 2
Shoe size 8

Occupation: Model/Actress

Acting has been limited to commercials and two very limited movie appearances and show hosting.

You people need to get a grip.

If I can figure out how to do it I will try to post a picture or two of "Miss Elsie". Any help on how to do this?

Oh, buy the way, this gal also served as the model for the character Alyx in the video game "Half Life II". I think she is the daughter of the main character in the game. I can post a screen capture of this character along with the other pic if someone can give me a little help.

posted by TEX

hey techies -- help the man -- PLEASE !

posted by joe joe

I forwarded pics to Pinder, who said he would post them shortly.


posted by TEX

Ok Pinder/Tex, where are these pictures? I'm itching for some more looks at those prefect size eights!

posted by Paul think I've nothing better to do than come back here and check this stupid blog for a link to these pictures? Well, that's just not the case. I don't care if you do post the pictures, or if you don't.

posted by Paul

I really could care less about these pictures you're not posting. Or is it couldn't care less? Either way, I don't care. Never really was interested in the first place. I probably won't even be checking back this week. Maybe not even this month. I'm really busy, you see.

posted by Paul


posted by Paul

Again, just to make it perfectly clear. I don't care about the link. If you post it, I might not even check it. I just think that if someone says they are going to do something, then they should do it. What they say. They should post the pictures if they say they are going to post pictures. I know I would if I said I was going to. But I probably won't even check...

posted by Paul


posted by Paul

i've updated the page with photos submitted by TEX, scroll to the top!

sorry Paul, no new photos of Elsie's feet :)

posted by pinder

Thanks for the update! The photo where she has her leg up and you get a little peek at her thigh and cleavage. Or the one where she is laughing and has her hand on her cheek - her beautiful eyes smiling at you just as richly as the smile on her lips. These are superbly composed photos that show her at her best. But what were they thinking when they used that photo of her sitting on the floor with the laptop?!?!

posted by Paul

she is Jamil Mullen who had a bit part in '25th Hour' as 'Lady with Baby'

posted by pk

PK seems to have her identity right.

posted by Paul

And if you click on her picture, you'll see that all she has in the breast department is a B cup (sorry Pinder). But look, she's got 8 1/2s not just 8s. : )

posted by Paul

wow, i didnt know this was back in business, what happened? Last time i checked, many months ago, it was all stopped! I just saw Elsie on Yahoo and decided to take a peek again at this thread, and here we are on again! so nice to see you Paul! I'm just happy that Harris will let us look at Elsie's perfect picture forever..

posted by Danielle

Nice to hear from you too Danielle. I wrote then deleted some thoughts regarding the current happenings in Iraq -- as that topic weighs heavier on my mind with each passing day and new tragedy that is revealed. Not an appropriate forum to share such thoughts -- so they are gone now... Difficult to enjoy things taken for granted yesterday.

posted by Paul

I think the photo as a whole is realy great I use HARRIS but not because of the AD but ELSIE LEE is a total hot babe top to bottom.
Actually I like the scott trade ADS. I am using HARRIS because they bought the DLJ Direct which I was using not much changed really tho same prices same service same interface mostly. She looks smart cute and those are things I would like to find in a woman. I know its not real that she is smart necesarily but she is cute without a doubt. For me the appeal isnt her in particular (not to slight her in the least I would not turn down a date with her) but the Idea that A woman can be smart beautiful confident and interested in making money instead of merely spending it. I have not found my dream girl yet but that photo symbolizes my dream girl in many ways. I think I am attracted to Maria Bartiloma AKA Money Honey for many of the same reasons. Becky Quick is cute too. I like women that see business as part of the world and not just some obscure concept. And women interested in making money work for them instead of just spending it on frivolus junk they dont really need.

posted by Kramersize

oooooooh yeah - gotta love those feet (and the tits are kind of nice too).

posted by joe joe

She is back in the new Harris advert with golf clubs in hand.

posted by TEX

Someone has to clean up this last post. Pinder - can you do something about that? It's repugnant. Thanks in advance!

posted by Paul

done. fucking spammers

posted by pinder

who? me? I am a grateful observer, humbly in mutual admiration of Elsie, and I throw myself upon the mercy of the court. I especially like the thigh shot, just under the line "TEX also sent me . . . " That one shows Elsie's beautiful, full hips (has anyone discussed her hips?) -- oh, to hold them . . . .

posted by joe joe

Here name is Jamil Mullen. She did the Face and Boby scans for Alxy in Half Life 2. It talks about it all in the Art of HL2 book.

posted by Nick

Elsie is JAMIL MULLEN. This is also confirmed when you finish the game HL2. At the end you can read the names of all persons who were "used" for body/face scans. Jamil Mullen is the first name in the list.

posted by Ramirez


posted by Ramirez

I have seen her i used to be a tech officer at the sound studio for half life 2 in 2003.I know her real name but im not going to tell it out of respect.So you can stop tryin to evade peoples privacy.

posted by James murdockt

Elsie's privacy is the last thing I'd want to evade, James. I'm busy evading my wife. But I'd love to hold those hips --- and help them find a rhythm with my own . . .

posted by joe joe

Uhhh, james, in case you haven't noticed her identity isn't exactly secret. dumbass

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In the Book Half-Life 2 Raising the bar are faces from Alyx (Jamil)

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Here is all info you need about her.. no elsie lee :)

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well, i know this much. she's from houston: not that it matters, cause she is mostly fake. and all you middle aged men wishing that she'd come to your doorstep, get a life. she looks better in hl2, imho. end transmission.

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well, i know this much. she's from houston: not that it matters, because she's not much of a actress or model. To all you wishing that she'd come to your doorstep, get a life. she looks better in hl2, imho. end transmission.

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Department of Records Commissioner Brian Andersson is NYC TV’s international man of intrigue. What’s in his suitcase? This City Classics spot will leave you with more questions than answers. Or will it? Also starring NYC TV’s Julie Laipply and Jamil Mullen.[/quote]

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Some footage.... and she's talking! That's a completely different voice!

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how you get around