Saturday, August 19, 2006

Last week Quinn from From Blown Speakers polled a few local bloggers, radio, and alt weekly types to submit a ranked list of their 10 favourite local acts. He's compiled the lists and posted the Top 23 Vancouver Bands. Other than the top 10, the results are kinda surprising. A lot of great bands didn't make the list and I haven't even heard of some of the others like Maplewood Lane, Ghost House or Bontempi.

It was a fun and thanks to Quinn for doing it. Here's my full ballot and comments:

Top 10 Vancouver Bands

  1. Destroyer

    It usually takes a couple years before declaring an album as solid. It takes me about 2 days for Destroyer records. And in that time I've declared a new "favourite song on the album" about 6 different times.

  2. Ladyhawk

    Ladyhawk is THE Vancouver band I most want to be HUGE. The Dugout is still my top contender for Song of the Year.

  3. 3 Inches of Blood

    In metal it's so easy to dismiss a band for the vocals alone. If they suck, they'll either eat the mic and do the Cookie Monster thing, or bury the vocals low in the mix. But in 3 Inches of Blood the vocals stand out the clearest. Cam Pipes (apparently his real name too) has one of the best metal vocals I've heard in years. This is really an under-rated metal band. The nerdy, but sincere, lyrics about orcs and stuff make me smile every time. How can you not like a song where the first line is "In the year 4055, Wykydtron came to life". And if you don't like Deadly Sinners you don't like metal.

    Enemies of metal, your death is our reward.

  4. Pink Mountaintops / Black Mountain

    I'm cheating and declaring this the same band. When I heard the new PM album, I thought McBean had mixed up his Pinks and Blacks. Instead of songs about fucking, there were songs about war and drugs. So I ignored it for a while but came back to it a couple months ago and am really enjoying it now. Just took a while to ditch the expectations.

    Black Mountain is still doing it's thing really, really well. They just put out a 7" on Suicide Squeeze that has 2 new songs that no one's really heard, but are some of the best they've done.

  5. The New Pornographers / AC Newman

    Any other songwriter writing indie pop songs as good as this? Nope.

  6. Blood Meridian

    Also part of the whiskey fueled Vancouver Beard Collective. I haven't picked up the new album yet, but I hear it's pretty good and I really liked the Soldiers of Christ EP.

  7. The Christa Min

    Someone sign this band please! Their recent Devil and Tex Watson 7" is an epic psych rock song over 2 sides.

  8. The Weather

    The only unsigned local band's whose full length album I enjoyed from first to last song this year.

  9. The Book of Lists

    I haven't seen them live in over a year and a half, and they were okay then. The Red Arrows EP was good and showed more promise. I keep coming back to it. I'm hoping their next full length establishes them, at least in Canada.

  10. Channels 3 & 4

    Vancouver needs more noise bands that don't suck.


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