Tuesday, August 01, 2006
"Once inside the car, a source directly connected with the case says Gibson began banging himself against the seat."

I bet he was just trying to get his shoulder back in place.


Some quotes:

Scott Seward on recommend me some dance thread.

Shit Robot is a horrible name. it's like giving up on the whole idea of having robot in your name. it's like, why even bother? so lazy. i'll bet that album is really lazy. ... if you can't have the proper respect for robots, then you shouldn't be making robot music. i am boycotting all future shit robot releases.

Owen Pallett, of Final Fantasy, on his plans if he wins the Rogers/Yahoo sponsored Polaris Music Prize:

"If 'He Poos Clouds' wins, I'm founding a new award with the prize money. It's called the "Rogers Wireless Biggest Tits in Canada" award. I'm writing the mission statement right now."

I'm rooting for The Deadly Snakes.


Jessica Simpson is selling a personalized mp3 with your name in the song. I know they won't have Pinder, but at least have Bort!


If you've been thinking, when can I get some God-damn bible games for my Xbox? Wait no longer! Left Behind Games is a real-time strategy game about The Rapture. Maybe you get to battle the Serpent of Rehaboam. It's in Revelations people! [via The Daily Show]


deftone.com drinking game: take a shot for every Simpsons reference.


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