Tuesday, October 28, 2003
anytime i see someone walking down the street carrying a discman, i think "eww, how can someone carry that giant thing around that plays like, 14 songs. get an ipod!". and anytime i see someone walking down the street listening to an ipod with the standard white headphones, i think "eww, if you're gonna get an ipod, at least get decent headphones that don't crackle at full volume".


Everytime I see someone walking down the street with an ipod, I think, "Ewww, lose the Mac crap."

(Except I've never seen one walking down the street because I live on the island.)

posted by Lance

yeah, those other mp3 players that play Microsoft DRM controlled WMA format are so much better.

posted by pinder

I can't afford either so I don't even know.

posted by Lance

Yeah you're both wrong...get an iPod and stop fooling around, there ARE no other mp3 players.

posted by Klobb

I don't walk.

posted by dayment

I've thought the same thing.
$460-800 on a state of the art music player and you're using stock headphones? you fucking jackass "

posted by ernie

evil trick this sucks (_/_) cheek i thought this was a Band website. but i like the sneakers that arrived form the sun

posted by azure

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